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How to work with an outsourcing team Jun 10, 2020

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Many legal firms are interested in starting or increasing the amount of work they outsource. Outsourcing provides businesses of all sizes with significant savings whilst enhancing efficiency through the use of a skilled labour force.

Outsourcing presents law firms with a range of highly experienced lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff for short or long term projects and business development.

Actually managing an outsourced individual or team offers a whole different range of new challenges.

Most businesses think that once they hire an outsourcing team and give them the list of things they need to do it should all work smoothly. But there is more to it if excellent results are to be achieved. Considering that an outsourcing team may work from a different location and/or may not be directly employed by you, clarity of vision is vital. Both teams need to understand their responsibilities in order to work together efficiently and achieve the intended goal.
To achieve coherence and productivity here are some important issues to consider:

Share your business objectives

Before getting down to business the entire outsourced team needs to clearly understand what your business does, your business agendas and goals. This will help them be on the same page with you and work towards achieving the objective your business is set to achieve.

Frequent communication

It is important to ensure that you and your outsourced team regularly communicate especially at the beginning of your project to ensure that there is clarity of goals and daily activities are done per expectation.
The employed communication strategy should, however, be agreed upon by both your team and the outsourced team to ensure it is suitable for everyone and to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Exercise trust

It’s possible to feel a bit insecure to entrust your work and important data to unknown people. However, with a thorough background check done on the outsourcing company, and everything clearly discussed and laid down, it is time to give the outsourced team the necessary space for them to do their work. To enhance trust you can have often meetings with your provider. That way you can closely follow the progress of your project and make adjustments when needed. No-one likes a micromanager! Your provider was brought on because you needed the expertise or resources – let them do their job.

Work with short achievable deadlines

It would be unorthodox to give out a large project and sit back to await the final results. Instead, you should break down the project, and set viable deadlines for every project. Placing an urgency button to the team all the time can affect the results, while long deadlines can encourage laxity. Find a balance just like you would any employee.

Deal with issues as soon as they arise

Analyze every possible problem and have them handled before they come up. But, in case any issue arises in the course of the project ensure it is handled as soon as possible. Also ensure that your team is aware of possible cultural differences, and are well trained on the same, to avoid constant crashing.

Finally, when working with an outsourced team, strive to learn their names and treat them respectably. Also, it is very important to acknowledge them when they do a commendable job. A good working relationship with the outsourcing team is key to productivity.


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