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Jonathan is a lawyer with expertise in energy, climate, resources, infrastructure, finance, commercial, corporate and contract law. Jonathan’s 25 years as a lawyer, executive and leader in 20+ countries includes 10 years with Shell and the United Nations in Europe and Asia. He has led teams in law, strategy, policy, regulation, innovation and digital.

Jonathan has extensive governance experience in resources, environment, health, art and sport.

He has also advised organisations on regulatory, policy and transactional contexts in the energy and water sectors.

Alongside Jonathan’s extensive legal and operational knowledge, He has post-graduate qualifications in climate, finance, investment, governance and international relations.

Some of Jonathan’s previous experience include roles at Westpac, Coliban Water, Shell, Clayton Utz alongside the UN’s Environment Program & Compensation Commission.

Most recently, he has been providing legal support to AEMO and private clients in the National Electricity Market (NEM), with significant interactions with the AEMC, AER and ESB/COAG.

Jonathan can lend his specialist advice to your firm or business in areas of

  • Banking & Finance
  • Water, Energy & Climate
  • Government
  • Start-ups
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Academic sectors

Water & Climate

  • Established 20+ organisation consortium to develop $100m proposal to ARENA on electricity demand management, as quoted in Australian Financial Review.
  • Developed and implemented $50m power purchase agreement involving 13 Victorian water corporations, the Zero Emissions Water PPA.
  • Led innovation in $20m PPPs and outsourced service contracts, with Veolia and Lendlease.
  • Advised on technology/data and energy/carbon matters.
  • Advised on commercial, corporate and contract matters, in a regulatory and policy context.
  • Led sector-wide national sustainability, environmental, health and liveability initiatives.
  • Delivered “outstanding” $1m/y P&L savings on electricity/chemical contracts, saving 1% on the bottom line.

Energy & Climate

  • Assisted Shell in partnering with NGOs globally to reduce impacts of Shell’s exploration and production activities.
  • Influenced global strategy and policy by advising Shell senior management, including on global investment to reduce peat emissions and strengthen biofuel sustainability.
  • Improved TBL performance, working with Shell/BP experts and Russian/Dutch officials, including pipeline impact reductions on Arctic tundra.
  • Developed/implemented project portfolio, as quoted in Shell Sustainability Report, for a $5m portfolio in Asia, Arctic, Niger Delta and the Americas.

Resources & Environment

  • Assisted UNEP in helping developing countries to implement environmental policies and practices.
  • Established in-country offices and operations, representing UNEP at a ministerial level, including World Bank and the European Union.
  • Influenced national governments through strong partnerships, tangible policy shifts and environmental mainstreaming.
  • Developed programs that evidenced high standards in performing assessments and delivering projects in $70m portfolio.
  • Assisted the UNCC, the international tribunal established by the UN Security Council after Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait in awarding $50b to impacted governments, corporations and individuals.
  • Appeared before panels of international judges to advocate $2b claims for environmental, commercial, resources, health and other impacts.
  • Led teams of senior diplomats, policy experts, technical specialists, economists and actuaries.

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