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An Australian Law Firm providing Legal Process Outsourcing Solutions to Law Firms and Legal Departments

Our impact SLS & B1G1

Every member of the SLS team is dedicated to a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We’re a diverse group with a strong sense of social responsibility. With this vital goal in mind, we’ve created an enduring partnership with B1G1. Every time you do business with us, you help drive essential projects supporting communities and individuals around the globe.

Our Impact Commitments includes:

  • B1G1 operates on the premise of "buy one, give one".
  • By working with us you can help make a difference in thousands of lives.
  • Giving with B1G1 is integrated into SLS's day-to-day operations. 100% of our giving goes to our chosen projects
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Existing Clients

Every time SLS’s existing clients give us a higher volume of work beyond engagement thresholds, SLS will create a measurable impact. The higher the additional volume the bigger the impact that SLS will create.

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New Clients

For every new client partnering with SLS, We create an impact to make a meaningful difference and will share that impact with the client.

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Video Podcast

Every time we upload an episode of ‘Tales from the Trenches’, SLS will also create an impact to make a meaningful difference.

See our impact Business For Good

Even the smallest impacts can have a big effect.

Engage Team SLS SLS is an incorporated legal practice that can help transform your operations with dynamic and flexible white label outsourcing solutions.

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